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Top 10 Common Brother Printing Issues and Solutions

Brother printers are one of the premium products, which are well-designed and came with first class customer value. The brother printer is also known for excellent performance, and it functions for a long time. This is because, doesn’t matter what the printing requirements you have, whether it’s for home or office use, for desktop office utilization, small to medium-sized associated businesses or its color, these printers are available to fulfill all your printing requirements. However, in spite of the best performance, specialties, and features, it doesn’t run properly at times.

There can be various technical issues you may encounter while working with these printers. If you’re getting problems or error codes while using the Brother printer and don’t know how to fix them, then you can get in touch with the Brother Printer support specialists for the assistance. Also, check out some solutions given below through which you can solve your several Brother printing issues.

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Printer Won’t Work

Given the complicated process that encounters between the time when you click the ‘Print’ button and the moment when your document exits the printer, various factors that can stop the printer from running correctly. Some common causes include software issues, driver problems, hardware failures and overuse. At such time, you can seek the help of technicians via the Brother support.

Paper Jams

Paper jam is the most common printing issue, but also one of the simplest to solve. You just need to extract the paper out stuck inside the printer, such as any pieces that tore. If you want to prevent the paper jam from recurring, you should use the best quality paper, never use the paper that is wrinkled or bent, and ignore using the paper that is too old.

Faded Printouts While Printing

Faded print might be encountered directly using the wrong settings. Check that you aren’t using a draft or Economode settings. You may also get the dull print due to the low or empty toner or an ink cartridge about to finish.


Ghosting means that you get the normal color prints while printing any image, but it also seems like as the duplicate copy in another place. It may happen due to damaged drum or empty ink kit and requires to be replaced. In most cases, this issue can also be encountered by the inadequate electricity supply.

Ink Smears

Just like ghosting, the ink smears and dirty prints indicate that something is wrong with drums unit that can usually be the Fuser. Although, smears can also occur due to the ink leakage within the printer. Try to print 15 to 20 pages first to check if the leakage will stop on their own

Missing Driver Error Message

The printer driver is the software that lets your computer and the printer communicate. Numerous printers don’t provide the supporting drivers for some operating systems, such as Mac OS X. If you suppose it might be the situation for you, go to the Netgear’s official site. It’s usually an alternate which, although lacking some innovative features, will still let the printer to function.

Multiple Feeds or Paper Misfeeds

If your Brother printer pulls in all pages at a time to print one sheet or stops working to pull in any sheets at all, one of the most common factors is bad paper. Try to replace it with a brand new one. You should also check that the printer is aligned correctly in the tray.

Slow Printing

Sadly, there are no easy resolutions for these common printing issues. Still, you can try to print on a lower quality setting. Otherwise, you should purchase a new printer.

Windows Keeps Directing Print Jobs To The Wrong Printer

Sometimes, the Windows operating system may delete your default printer settings once you update it. So, you should reset the default printer again; otherwise, it can cause your print jobs will end up or sent to the wrong printer. If you’re using the Windows-based system, then you can change the default settings of your printer by clicking the ‘Devices and Printers’ section via the Start menu.

Ink Cartridges Run Out Quickly

In most cases, Brother Printers automatically settle down when the cartridges run out and stop printing. If it’s not, then, it’s a possibility that you are trying to print a high-density document, which causes high consumption of ink. So, at such time, try to use the periodic, usual printhead assembly, cleaning method, which uses the small amount of ink every time and cleans itself.


However, if you’re facing any of the issues listed above and it still continues even after you have tried everything else method to fix them, then you can contact the Brother Printer tech support number and seek the assistance of the skilled experts in solving your several Brother Printer issues only at

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