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Transfer Juno E-mail to New Computer-What to Do?

Juno mail offers unlimited dial-up service with a free e-mail account and unlimited access to the internet with virus and spam protection. The Juno mail free customers are offered with 10 hours of service on a monthly basis with an allowance of sending video messages without any additional costs. There are two most common ways to access the Juno mail service.

The first one allows the users to check their e-mails on computers by configuring the Juno software on their email programs like Outlook. And the second method lets the users to access the Juno mail over the web. Juno mail has interactive and useful features which gives better and long lasting experience to the users. Despite having the best, powerful and interactive mailing features, there are several issues that occur while using the Juno mail, such as login issues, email account creation, password recovery. But, the best thing is that these issues can be easily fixed and solved. Juno Customer Care is available to help you regarding technical, connectivity or account related issues. A team of technical experts will guide you to troubleshoot your problem.

How to Transfer Juno E-mail to New Computer

Steps for Transferring Juno Mail to a New Computer-

Users of Juno mail have to access their computer in order to view the stored emails and if due to any reason, user has to switch to another computer then he will need to transfer all the e-mails to the new computer. That can be done, by following the steps listed below.

  • First of all, click the ‘start’ button and, then select ‘search’ from the charms menu.
  • Then, type ‘Juno system information’ and click the result.
  • Next, scroll through the Juno System Information text file to the “Juno Users” section.
  • Then, locate your username and copy the path name of your Juno user folder.
  • After that, open “Windows Explorer” or any other file browser on your computer.
  • Then, type or paste the folder path into the windows explorer address bar.
  • Next, copy the entire folder and then paste on the computer or USB drive.
  • Finally, copy the folder to the same location on the new computer. Juno must be already installed and the user should possess the same username and number.

With the above mentioned steps, you can easily transfer Juno mail to a new computer. If you still face any problem or have any query or doubt, you can contact Juno Customer Care just by dialing Juno Support Number which is available 24*7 and can get help from the technical professionals and get your problem solved.

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