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Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Error ‘No Internet, Secured’ In Windows 10

One common problem that many Windows 10 users face is the inability to access the Internet after they download and install latest OS-related updates. If you face that issue, then address it to experts on the Windows 10 helpline support number to get the problem repaired instantly.

For example, you might get the ‘no internet, secured’ error message on the screen typically caused by the incorrect IP settings. One of the faults could be that new Windows updates you installed modified the configuration. Check some methods listed below to troubleshoot the issue.

Basic Troubleshooting

As it’s usual, outdated or old driver programs can create problems for the PC users. If you get the same error message, possibilities are that the network adapter driver requires being updated with the new edition. If it doesn’t work, then run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter tool. Go to the Control Panel >> All Control Panel Items >> Troubleshooting >> Network & the Internet to find the troubleshooter.

Resetting the connection –

Another solution for the problem you can try is resetting the Internet connection. Click the Wi-Fi network in the system tray and click the ‘Forget’ button. Also, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router. Once you disconnect the device completely from the access point, switch it to Airplane mode. Reboot your system and turn off the Airplane mode. Again connect to the wireless network in the system tray. Wait for some time to make the proper connection.

Changing the adapter settings –

If the problem exists, adjust the adapter configuration. Open the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ window to access its settings. Access the Network Adapter’s properties and search for the wireless adapter that’s now running. Look for the Internet Protocol Version 6 in the options that appear and uncheck IPv6 to turn it off. Click ‘OK’ and restart the PC to apply the changes.

Reinstalling Network Adapter –

If the above-given approach doesn’t help to fix the issues, then uninstall the network adapter and reinstall it again to let the Windows 10 detect it again on the next startup. Press and hold the Windows button and X at the same time and click the ‘Device Manager.’ Select the network device in the request. Right-click the device whose driver you need to remove and click the ’Uninstall’ button.  Select the ‘Remove the driver software for this device’ checkbox to delete the driver package from the PC. Next, select the ‘Scan for hardware changes’ option under the ‘Device Manager’s Action’ menu to reinstall it. Before you restart the PC, complete the driver installation process.

However, if everything else tries to fail to fix the issues and you have missed some necessary procedures; it’s suggested to address your concerns by dialing the Windows 10 customer help phone number and get the ‘no internet, secured’ Wi-Fi issue resolved instantly.


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