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Why Doesn’t My Computer Detect Kodak Printer?

A printer is a necessary part of the office equipment, and any malfunctions with it directly impact on the productivity or even incomes. If the computer doesn’t detect your Kodak printer, then the problem may be with your printer itself, the connecting USB cable or the port, or the system connected with it. For the wireless Kodak printer, you require troubleshooting problems with the router and the network. In the case of any critical problems, you can ask the help from Kodak customer support service agents.

Kodak printer customer support number

Basic Checks

You must eradicate possible causes as soon as possible. To start with, test your Kodak printer into a different USB port to examine the motherboard or port failure isn’t to blame. If you have a USB hub connection, connect the printer to the USB port instead of linked directly to the motherboard. Try to use another cable if an alternate is available. If you find the problem with the Ethernet cable, remove the connection as a possible cause. Check your printer is connected with a running power outlet and switched on, and that both data and power cables are inserted firmly.

Printer Drivers

If your Kodak printer isn’t recognized automatically, try to run a scan for the new hardware detection into the Control Panel’s Hardware section. Some brands and models need the driver software to be installed before the element displays as an existing printer. You can install the drivers via the supplied installation CD or by downloading the software directly from the Kodak’s official site. The documentation came with the printer should be listed in the correct order for making a connection with the printer, switching it on and installing the necessary drivers.

Wireless Printers

If your Kodak wireless printer isn’t being recognized correctly, then the problem may be with the router and local network. Check the initial configuration steps for starting off your printer and reset the router to make the connection with devices and local PCs again. Your wireless printers should be configured firstly using a USB cable connection, thus ensure that you have finished that procedure by going through the on-screen instructions before connecting wirelessly.

Additional Troubleshooting

Another cause is that the Kodak printer itself is having issues. The best way to check for that is to try to install your printer on another PC. If the problem exists, then your printer itself is faulty. If you use a printer that has been accessed earlier, but it now doesn’t display, open the ‘Device Manager’ window via the Control Panel. Here, you can roll back to a prior version of your printer driver or install the printing machine. The Kodak printer customer support number is another way you can dial to get the expert help in solving your printer related problems instantly.


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