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How To Add Signature In Yahoo Mail?

Signature help you make the email look well organized and professional. It highlights your basic info such as digital contact card. Apart from adding the contact info, you can add a customize message or a quotation to the signature for expressing feel. The signature information appear on every sent email message. Here, you can find the instructional process briefed by the Yahoo Email customer support team to adding signature or resolving other email related technical errors.

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Steps to add a signature to Yahoo Mail:

Step 1: Click the icon appearing like a gear, it will open & Settings Menu and choose Setting.

Step 2: Now, tap "Accounts" and choose "Append a Signature to the Emails you Send". Moreover, you can choose "Include Latest Tweet", that you can delete if you do not wish the tweet to appear in the signature included for a particular email.

Step 3: Enter the signature details in the columns that appear on the screen.

Step 4: Finally, click save and every sent email message will include your signature.

Instructions to disable a signature

Step 1: Tap the "Settings Menu Icon" and select Settings.

Step 2: Click Accounts.

Step 3: Click on your Yahoo account option and unchecked "Append a Signature to the Emails you Send & quot;.

Step 4: Finally, tap "Save" and your signature will be disabled. If you wish to re-add the signature, then follow the instructions listed in the above section.

Signature offers a brief information about your professional/personal background. To get started, click compose mail field, the new empty mail window will allow you to create signature. Moreover, you can even edit the signature appearing in the email and update the additional info. Yahoo customer service number offers technical assistance for all common and critical email troubleshoot. If you are confused in following the instructions to add signature, simply focus towards consulting the experts. There’s a long list of independent technical support companies that operate at the International level. Hence, you need to select a trustworthy Yahoo helpline number only at MyCustomerService.

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