How To Login Yahoo Mail Account without Using A Password

Long, complex passwords are the best technique to protect your online accounts, especially in the case of an email account, but typing complicated strings of number, letters, and other characters on each login can be annoying for everyone. Therefore, Yahoo has offered the Account Key feature, a push-notification-based login approach that needs you just to recall your username and have access to your tablet or smartphone. This method comes with the new version of Yahoo Mail app and allows you to use your phone to make sure that you are the right person trying to access the account.

If you’re anxious that someone can sign into your email account by accessing your phone, then you have no need to bother about that because Yahoo enables you to unlock the phone via the device PIN after confirming the Yes on the push notification. Check the following steps, which are retrieved via the Yahoo mail customer service number to know how it works.

Setting Up and Using Yahoo’s No-Password Account Sign In

  1. First of all, click the ‘Person’ button at the screen’s top right corner.
  2. Touch the ‘Settings’ option, and then choose ‘Account’ key. Tap the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. Choose the ‘let’s show you how this works’ option, and then tap the ‘See the Account Key’ option.
  4. Touch on the ‘Yes’ circle. It’s how an Account Key will seem if you access it while your phone is unlocked. Hereafter, Yahoo Mail has you tap on the ‘No’ circle to display you how to deny access to your account.
  5. Now, you will be asked to check the device’s phone number on which you wish to get push notifications. Touch the ‘Yes, enable Account Key’ option if it’s accurate. If not, then choose ‘No, update my phone number’ option, and proceed to the next steps.
  6. Touch the ‘Great, got it!’ option to continue. When you nest type in the username to access the Yahoo Mail account, you won’t be provided a password box. In its place, choose ‘Continue’ to have the Account key provided with your mobile device.
  7. On your phone, a push notification will display. In the case of iOS device, if it’s locked, slide the notification to the left. Now, a full slide will ask you to type the password to unlock it.
  8. Choose the ‘Yes’ button, which will ask you to unlock your phone. Go back to your PC; you’re now logged into your mail account.

All in all, Yahoo’s Password-Free Account Key access feature is the best and secure way to use your email account, and you have no need to memorize a complicated password. Using the Account Key, you can log in to Mail, Finance, Messenger, Fantasy, and Sports for Android or iOS devices. If you don’t use your phone conveniently, you can still be allowed access by replying a set of security questions. However, in the case of any trouble or circumstances, you can seek the instant solution by calling at the Yahoo customer service phone number 2017.

How To Login Yahoo Mail Account without Using A Password
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