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How to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code B200?

If you are working with a Canon inkjet printer, then there is a chance that you’ve come across Error code B200 at some point time. Actually, you may found this type of error while you trying to print some docs and it hamper your work and time too. But now good thing is that you can call Canon printer customer service to fix or learn how to manage this error instantly. In addition, you can follow below-given steps to troubleshooting this annoying code of error.

Main reasons for occurring error B200 in your Printer:-

Basically, this error code occurs when dissimilar methods of ink have been used by your device. Mortally it comes in existence when you refill or replace a cartridge with low-cost printing materials, which have doubtful toner quality or construct quality. Thus, it’s highly recommended always buy only from legitimate vendors if you choose to refill method as well as use re manufactured ink cartridge.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200 are as follows:

Step 1: Turn off your printer as well as unplugging it from the power source.

Step 2: To reveal the ink cartridges, open the printer cover.

Step 3: Sensibly take away the printhead from the machine. Handle with the greatest care to avoid injurious components and the cables connected. Along with this avoid using unnecessary force when you disconnecting cables.

Step 4: Refresh the printhead and ink cartridges both. Also, clean the contact pads with a good old pencil eraser or contact cleaner.

Step 5: Now re-install the printhead carefully and then the ink cartridges one by one before turn off the inkjet printer.

Step 6: Simply run the Auto Head Alignment to test print.

This complete procedure takes about 25-30 minutes depending on how comprehensive you need to clean your device cartridges and printhead. If the error codes still pop up, then its recommended call on Canon phone number that is listed on online phone directory to get expert advice and assistance to resolve this issue with ease.

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