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Procedure to Recognize Yahoo Email Account is Secure or Hacked

If you want to identify your Yahoo Mail account is secure or not then it’s must you know about some warning signs, which only come in existence when the account has been compromised. In case you are seeing anything like below listed then it’s time to recover your email account back with the help of Yahoo contact number.

With the help of an expert, you do not only identify your account is hacked but also they will help you to recover you ID back with ease.

Some Important Steps That You Must Take Care To Secure Your Account:-

Step 1: First of Sign-In your email account that has been hacked

Step 2: Check you are receiving any email not

Step 3: Check is your email account is sending spam messages to your contacts

Step 4: Make sure your account settings, as well as info, were not changed without your awareness.

Step 5: Cross check your recent activity page to identify you are logins from unexpected locations

If you found anything wrong then, secure your account using below given methods:-

  1. Set two-step verification or use Yahoo Account Key
  2. Create a strong password with the help of special symbol like @, $, # etc.
  3. Update all account recovery email statistics
  4. If you are get locked out from your account, then use the Sign-in Helper

Review your all Yahoo Mail settings

Actually, a hacker could edit your account setting and could get a copy of email so cross checks your account settings for any modifications you didn’t create. Restore all your settings if needed.

If you are not able to recover your account back then it’s recommended get yahoo mail contact phone number that is listed on and then simply call on it to get experts’ advice and support instantly.

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