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Steps to Activate or Replace a Spectrum Modem

While using Spectrum Internet Many times users want to replace their old modem with new or activate a new one. In such a situation, you want to know the procedure to do so; if you are also one of them then you are in the right place. In this article, you will guide to know “How to activate or Replace a Spectrum Modem”

How to activate or Replace a Spectrum Modem

You have to use an authorized modem from the Spectrum if you are Spectrum Business Internet Customer. Following are the required equipment:

  1. Power cord
  2. Coaxial cable
  3. Ethernet or USB cord
  4. Modem

Steps to install a new Modem:-

  • Select the option install new Service.
  • Now enter your account number, zip code, and telephone number.
  • Choose the option Next as well as keep on following the Internet Self-Installation steps.
  • Test your connection

Steps to replace an existing modem:-

Step1: First of all, access your activation tool.

Step2: Select the ‘Replace my Equipment’ option.

Step3: Now, provide your Account Number.

Step4: Now, enter CMAC Address or serial number as well as Cable RF MAC address. On your old modem, you will see it.

Step5: Keep on following the Internet Self-Installation steps and select the Next option

Step6: Test your connection

Your receipt will offer your both old and new MAC address, in case you have substituted your old Spectrum modem with a new one. If you come across any technical issue then dial Spectrum customer support number and let experts handle your issue.

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