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Simple Steps to Add Favorite Music File to Amazon Kindle Fire

Want to know “how to get Music on the Kindle” or want to listen your favorite music while reading your book? If yes then read below given steps, actually your Kindle is not just e-reader it’s much more than a book reader. Now you add or play your music files while reading books.

In addition, you can select audiobooks option and listen instead of reading. You can use the Amazon Music Library service if you have a Kindle Fire tablet to stream your music from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Add Favorite Music File to Amazon Kindle Fire

Steps to Add Favorite Music File to Amazon Kindle Fire:-

  1. First of all, connect your Kindle Fire to your computer by the use of USB. You’ll need to connect it to your computer, in order to transfer music files to your Kindle. It uses a cable of Micro-USB that is the same cable, which many Android phones use for charging.
  2. Now kindle e-readers with the original Kindle line, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Touch.

Note: these steps for Kindle Fire or Fire HD tablet.

  1. On your computer open Kindle. You can open it once you’ve connected the Kindle like a USB drive on your computer.
  2. In the list of removable drives, open the My Computer as well as double-click the Kindle Mac. Now double-click the Kindle drive, which appears on your desktop.
  3. Now, open the folder of “music” folder, add to your device.

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