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How to Send Yahoo Email to Undisclosed Recipients?

Want to send an email to undisclosed recipients from Yahoo account? If yes, then you are at right webpage here you can get a solution to your issue. Actually, now it is very easy to send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients, Yahoo has upgraded and modified its features. This feature makes it much more interesting for all the users.

Send Yahoo Email to Undisclosed support

Step to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients are as follows:-

Now from yahoo mail account sending an email to undisclosed recipients is very easy. With the help of steps like:

Step-1: In Yahoo Mails folder list select Contacts

Step-2: Now, click on add contacts

Step-3: Under the first criteria after that type “undisclosed”

Step-4: Enter “recipients” under the last

Step-5: In the email criteria type your Yahoo mail address which is email address

Step-6: Click on save

Step-7: Using this way you can create easily address book entry. Now the undisclosed recipients follow below given steps:

  • To start a new message press “N”
  • Now under undisclosed recipients start typing “undisclosed”
  • Click show BBC option, which is next to the field
  • Under BCC, enter all desired recipients
  • To the address multiple people you can use an address book group immediately and easily
  • After this, continue composing your email
  • Now, click on send

Similar to this method you will be going to receive copy of the email. For more details contact Yahoo Mail Support.


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