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How to get back Windows 8 ‘Search’ in Windows 10?

If you need to search on a PC or another device running Windows 10 you can click on the Windows key to bring up back the start menu to start typing the ‘search term.’ You might use the search shortcut ‘Windows-Q’ instead directly going to open a search form powered by Cortana to find any of the items you are interested in on the system. Apart from the process, you can fetch help from the experts available by dialing the Microsoft Windows 8 service phone number with ease.

If you have changed to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, you may recall that the ‘search panel’ opened as a sidebar item when you invoked it with ‘Windows-Q.’

If you like that interface better, then you might find it interesting that there is an effective way to get it back on Windows 10 devices as it is available still (at least for now).

Windows 8 Search on Windows 10:-

It is rather convenient to get the ‘sidebar’ search back again. Here is what you have to do:

  • Just ‘Right-click’ on the desktop or some other location in File Explorer, and simply select New–Shortcut.
  • When prompted to enter the path, you have to type.
  • Lastly, add a descriptive name for the fresh shortcut and hit on the ‘finish’ button afterwards to make it.

The sidebar search now opens when you ‘double-click’ on the shortcut. Now, you can then enter any search terms and ‘select’ items using your keyboard, mouse or touch.

While that only may be useful, you may need to add a hot key to the latest search shortcut to improve the process further.

All you would have to accomplish then would be to use the hot key to show the search sidebar which may be more convenient than ‘double-clicking’ on the shortcut itself.

To do that, you have to ‘right-click’ on the shortcut that you have made & select properties from the context menu.

Now, locate the ‘shortcut key’ field when the window opens, and click inside of it, and click on the keys that you want to use as the hot key for the search.

Once done ‘hit OK’ and you are all ready. You can use the selected hot key from that very moment on to show the search sidebar and begin searching right away without using your mouse. Search results include files, apps, programs, settings and even the web links. Search results come up to be different, though.

You may now add a new icon while the ‘properties dialog’ is open as well, or pin up the shortcut to the task-bar of the OS to open it swiftly using the mouse. It is obvious that Microsoft will remove the option from Windows 10 at a point in the coming future as it has done the same with other Windows 8.x related features also.

If you find difficulty in following the guidelines on how to use bring back ‘Search’ in Windows 10, you can directly take assistance from the experts by dialing Windows 8 support contact number instantly.

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