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Important Tips for Better Technical Support from Acer Customer Care

It’s an undoubted fact that Acer is globally recognized and admired for the reliable and incredible products that they offer. And, it honestly has a wide range of products, starting from laptops to cell phones.  Since nothing in this world is flawless, and especially if we talk about the electronic devices, the users of Acer might face a few minor glitches while using their products.

But, these problems can easily be fixed, if one knows how to take quick Acer Online Support. There are different ways through which you can contact them and troubleshoot the errors of your Acer device; however, users find difficulty in immediately connecting with them as their numbers are mostly busy. So, we have decided to come up some of the basic tips that will guide you to opt for better tech support from the Acer customer care department. You can take a look:

  1. Mails – If it is not an emergency case, and you want an official action, it is always better to start with mails. You can obviously avail their mail ID from their official website, and then drop them a mail about the details of the issue that you are facing with the device. There are chances that you would receive an instant reply from them, however, if it doesn’t happen, you should be worried about the same as you have other options left for you to quickly connect with them.
  1. Social Media – Apart from mailing the authority, you need to ensure that if they aren’t responding to you mails, and you want an immediate action, take this matter to the social media. Yes, they are likely to respond in comparatively less time as taking the matter to social media can affect their brand image. Meanwhile, you must not forget to keep mailing about the issue to the authority.
  1. Remember your case number – In case, you get in touch with the experts, and they ensured you that your problem is resolved. However, after disconnecting the phone you realized that the problem still persists. What will you do next? Is it feasible to go through the entire process of mailing and social media hassle once again? I guess not! And so, it is important for you to remember the case number. It will help you to write a mail while referring the case number and the problem that hasn’t been fixed yet. Since it has case number mentioned, there are chances that the professionals would reply you back in the quickest possible time.
  1. Give them a call – In case, you want direct response, it is advisable for you to give them a direct call. As soon as you will call here, you will soon be directed to connect with the professionals who will guide you throughout for fixing the issues permanently.
  1. Best Times for Calling – Whenever calling, there are times that give you the best opportunities to traverse with an insignificant hold time. Since the support focus is situated in the Eastern Time Zone, and the best time to call is before 12 EST. The absolute best days to call are Tuesday through Thursday. From Noon-6pm hold times can be fairly protracted, as at that point working hours are in play across the country. So, if you will call at within this time span, they are more likely to response you back instantly.
  1. Be aware of fake numbers – While you are planning to give them a call, you need to ensure that you are dialing the correct number. Since there are plethora of Acer laptop support phone number available online, and hardly any one of them are correct, there are chances that you avail the wrong number. So, in order to be sure, it is advisable for you to avail the number from the website of It is basically an online directory that offers reliable numbers for all the USA and Canada-based customer services.

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