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How to Troubleshoot Charter Spectrum Technical Issues?

Are you facing difficulties with accessing programming over the new Spectrum Guide? If yes then first try to reset data on your Spectrum Receiver by following steps:-

Step-1: On your remote, press Menu

Step-2: With the help of arrow buttons scroll to Account Overview, after that press button OK/Select.

Step-3: Using the arrow buttons scroll to equipment and then press Select/OK.

Step-4: Highlight Reset Data after that press button OK/Select.

Step-5: Try your request again, once the system has reset.

If the error persists, then get Spectrum Technical Support and follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

Steps To Fix Channel Lineup Or Missing Channels Issues:-

  1. First of all, check your guide options filters to confirm, which you are not filtering out channels.
  2. If only adult titles are missing, check Parental Controls
  3. To confirm the channels are comprised with your subscription, check your channel lineup
  4. Send a refresh signal to your receiver.
  5. Confirm there isn’t an outage in your area.

Adjust your Parental Controls, if you are unable to access programming through the guide as well as receive a text like “unblock title”.

If setting not working correctly then turn OFF setting and then select Save. After that, turn the setting “On” back, and select Save. Send a refresh signal to your receiver, if that doesn’t work.

In case you are getting issues other than discussed above in this blog, then get Charter Spectrum Support for USA and Canada to resolve your issue with ease.

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