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Why Am I Not Able To Print Using Brother Machine On A Wireless Network?

Want to print your docs using wireless network but not able get prints because of some technical issue? If yes, then no need to worry as here you can get complete solution of your issue. To resolve this printing issue, follow the recommendations given below:

  1. Check and repair your wireless connection
  2. Check your Brother machine is ready to use
  3. Diagnose & solve other wireless connection problems

Not Able To Print Brother Machine On A Wireless Network

Check your Brother printer is turned on:-

In case the machine’s screen is blank that means your printer is either in Sleep Mode or not turned on.

To wakes up it from Sleep Mode, press any button on the machine

Check that it is plugged into a working socket, if it does not work, also check any power switches are turned to the ON position. If the machine is unresponsive turn it on and off, then contact your Brother customer Support.

Check Brother Machine’s Screen Is Free From Errors:-

In case your printer is showing an error like “Ink/Toner Empty”, “Paper Jam” then fix these error first because it may not allow you to print.

  1. Check Your Brother Printer is set as the Default Printer
  2. Make sure your Brother machine’s status
  3. Delete all print jobs by clicking your icon of Brother Machine’s -> See what’s printing -> Printer -> Cancel All Documents.
  4. Check and repair your wireless connection
  5. Make sure your mobile device or computer is connected to the wireless network

In case your problem remains unchanged then no need to worry just call experts via Brother Printer Support Phone Number listed at My customer service directory and let them handle your issue with ease.

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