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Windows Live Mail Server Error 3219-How to Fix it?

Windows Live Mail Error 3219(0x8de00005) is one of the most critical and old issue that has been troubling the user yet. If any user is not able to send mails and getting this error code that means Windows Live Mail can’t connect to Hotmail, Outlook or MSN Servers. There can be various causes for the Mail Server error 3219. So, in this case, identification of the exact problem is quite difficult for the users. However, we have discussed some of the possible reasons.

Windows Live Mail Server Error help

  • Authentication issue: – A certification error is one of the main causes that create the Windows Live Mail Server Error 3219. Live Mail uses two step verification processes at the same time, first credential is required for log in other one is used for mail server authentication.
  • Hurdle with Delta Sync: – It is another problem in mail server error. A failure of delta synchronization process, users will be unable to synchronize the essential or necessary part rather than accessing the whole content of the file. It is one of the critical problems in client-server architecture.
  • Configuration error: – Misconfiguration of the Windows Live Mail is a critical cause in Server error 3219. Mail overloading and updating is a significant issue in Windows Mail. Without using the POP or IMAP protocols, user will be unable to send or receive the emails.

Steps to avoid Windows Live Mail Server Error: –

These are few steps enlisted below, which can be followed to resolve this issue.

  • Deactivate old account: – Since, this account is not working; the new messages would not be downloaded. So, user can not synchronize mail into other accounts or transfer data to different folder. So, it is required to deactivate the account. The account can be deactivated by following these steps.
  1. First of all, right-click the Account name and select the option, “Properties” from the pop-up menu.
  2. Then, choose the “General” tab and uncheck the option, “Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing.”
  3. Next, tap on “Apply” to save the changes.
  4. Finally, select the “OK” to confirm the account removal process.
  • Adding up a new IMAP account: –After deactivating old account, new account has to be added. To add new account these steps could be followed.
  1. To reset the account, you need to click on the Account tab, after which, you will tap the button “+” and “@” simultaneously to open the configuration page.
  2. Then, enter the email address and password and put a check mark on “Manually Configure Server Settings“.
  3. Now, in the “Incoming Server Info,” user has to choose the option, “IMAP” as server type and set Port type “993” and enter the “” in the address field.
  4. In the Outgoing Server section, user has to enter the mail server type as “” and has to set the port address as 587 along with activating the SSL connection.
  5. At last, put a check mark on “Requires Authentication” and “Next” respectively to authenticate the new Windows Live Mail.

Now, user can see the new mail name at the left pane of the window. All incoming emails will be downloaded all over again, and user can drag & drop the essential messages into the folders inside it. We hope that these steps will be helpful to resolve the Windows Live Mail Error 3219. In case, if any user has any problem or queries or finds any difficulty related to the Windows Live Mail, then he can contact Windows Live Mail Support Number at Mycustomerservice and get assistance from the technical experts for resolving the issue.

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