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5 Steps to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Yahoo Mail

After Yahoo revealed the biggest known data breach in the Internet history in September 2016, there are 500 million compromised users have been suggested to reset their passwords and change their security questions answers. On the top of these reasonable steps, Two-Factor Authentication is an easy, dominant security in the appearance of comprehensive, password-stealing hacks. When data breach may hack your password and other confidential info eventually, it’s difficult for intruders to break a second verification factor that you actually have in the possession, such as your mobile phone.

yahoo mail customer care number

If you have not enabled 2FA, then it’s easy for the hacker to reset and access almost any of the online accounts. Check below for the instructions,

which are retrieved via the Yahoo customer care

To enable 2FA on the Yahoo account.

Hover the mouse pointer over your name in the top-right corner and click on the ‘Account Info’ option.

Select the ‘Account Security’ option on the left-side bar. Shift the toggle by the ‘Two-step verification’ to the right-side to begin setup.

Input your mobile phone number to get text messages or voice call at this number. Click on the one which you prefer.

Once you click, Yahoo will send a text message or call with the verification code. Input the code and click the ‘Verify’ button.

When the setup completes, you can now create third-party app passwords for the devices and applications that don’t support signing in with a one-time verification code.

More so, you should create the app passwords if you log into your Yahoo Mail account on other email clients, such as Android Mail, iOS Mail, or Outlook. However, if the above-cited process doesn’t work, it’s highly suggested to call on the Yahoo customer care phone number and get the expert help to turn on 2FA for Yahoo Mail.

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